Sunday, 7 May 2017

Then There Were 4 / The Baby Boom

Well,... I haven't really touched on this much over at RexandGinger but we are welcoming a little bundle in to our lives this August. Rex will have a little Boy or Girl baby to keep an watch over in the coming month.
We are now in the third trimester which seems insane. Only feels like yesterday we were telling people and now my bumps growing and growing at a nice rate. We have got a few little bits for the baby and we did not find out what we are having. We wanted our first to be a surprise which will be nice for us a family.

I wanted to right a little post to look back on some photos and some things I have been loving while being pregnant as it was a new experience for me and it would be nice to have a read and look back on once the baby is here and I know longer feel the kicking or punching they are doing in my stomach at this moment in time.

A few things I wont miss about pregnancy is the sickness and constant needing a wee.These two things will be my first things to kiss goodbye to. Also the bigger my bumps gets my back has a little more pain and sleeping is hard to find the right position but it will all be worth it in the end.

Food has had a love/hate relationship with me from day one as I couldn't keep much down before running upstairs.My pallet has gone from very plain foods to moe flavour which is nice as I had missed that taste. Chocolate was the one thing I fancied least and I fancied more crisps and savoury foods. Tea was a big no for a long time and I still only have the odd one or two now as it still doesn't sit right. Milk has been my biggest downfall I can easily guzzle a 6 pint straight from the fridge and want more.

Rex has been very affectionate around me even from day one he some how knew something was going on even before I did which sounds weird but I think they can sense these things. He was and still is more snuggly with me and always lays on my bump which I find cute as he is keeping me and the baby nice and snug. I think he will handle the change well and we intend to keep him involved as much as possible when the baby arrives.

I am looking forward to dressing the Nursery and putting all the babies clothes on the washing line for the first time. We have been given some of the cutest gift and I am so grateful for that already. I have also been buying some of my favourite books which I have seen children Ive nannied for over the last 8 years read and I wanted my baby to have those as well as classic I had when I was younger.

Rex is very excited also and I think he is going to be just fantastic.

Rex, Ginger and Baby Bump

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  1. Every woman loves the time of eagerness when they are waiting for the incoming of new member to the family and it was nice to see you happy in this process.


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