Sunday, 23 April 2017

McAdams Premium Dog Food Review Salmon and Chicken New Flavour*

McAdams is a brand we have used with Rex since we got him from a pup. We moved over from the food he came to use on and made the switch to McAdams after some research it proved very good quality and would enhance Rex's way of life. Rex will always finish his Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner even lucky the bowl clean after.

When McAdams said they were bringing out a new flavour I knew Rex would be keen to try it and they kindly sent us over a bag to give ago. Of course Rex being Rex he could not wait to get in the bag and start eating the new flavour with added Salmon.

I haven't really given Rex a lot of fish so wasn't sure what he would think but he loved it and wanted more so I know meal times will always be a winner with McAdams with either Flavour. The new range is simply the same ingredient as the Chicken biscuits this time adding carefully sourced Scottish Salmon  which will add to a healthy coat and skin for your pups. There is no meat meal added to these biscuits just like the chicken ones they are made using fresh British chickens and whole salon fillets along with Sweet potato and Green lipped mussels. These are all great for animals who need added hint care to as the ingredients help support stronger development and help support maturer dogs to.

This is a very good and high quality dog food brand who we would continue to use as long as Rex enjoyed eating it which he does. I love all the benefits to his Coat and Teeth and he always has a healthy digestive system which is good.

Rex wouldn't be without his McAdams Dry dog Biscuits he loves them. 


Disclosure* I received this bag of pet food in exchange for a blog review all opinions of the brand are my own. 


  1. I love your puppy Rex and all my family members also like him a lot. I think that the review about that dog food was much needed as I am thinking about changing the current brand for my dog.

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