Sunday, 25 September 2016

Rex's Loves

Rex Loves 

The way to Rex's heart is food and the food he has been loving since he was a pup is McAdams dry dog food. We have noticed amazing benefits since Rex has been having McAdams from his coat to his teeth. His coat condition is so soft and glossy looking. His teeth are always looking shinny and white. We have been so impressed with this food it even smells pleasant. The great thing about McAdams is they do a food to suit all dog sizes to ensure your dogs get the best from their food. This ranges in the size of biscuits and Rex went from small biscuits when a pup up to the medium biscuits as he grew up. 

The next is a new Favourite of his and thats the Pooch&Mutt Fresh Breathe Bones, I liked the look of these as Rex is one for licking and giving plenty of kisses to people and no one likes doggie breathe. I have been limiting Rex to a couple of these after meal times and they really do make a difference to his breathe. He really enjoys them and they are also great trick aids when doing Paw, Pad and Roll over. We have also given Rex the Lavender ones which are meant to relax your pets but Rex seems to like these more. Will be sure to try more from the range. 

A few pamper bits now, I love Rex to smell nice due to the fact I love to cuddle and kiss him more than I do Andy a day! Is that bad? 

We have always made sure Rex has regular baths and a groom but we like to keep on top of his doggie odours as much as we can. He is not the smallest dog but now and again he does have a doggie smell about him and that can easily be fixed with a spray of Doggie Cologne. This one from Animology has seen us through for almost a year now. We got this one when Rex was just a puppy and tend to spray this once we have brushed him over just to freshen him up. I really like the smell and it is great at masking the doggie smell. 

Finally Paws! I recently felt Rex's pads and they felt dry and really rough and I saw this Paw Butter in pets at home and thought I would give it ago. Rex was more interested in licking it off the first few times I applied it but Ive found if I rub it in well while he is distracted I stand some kind of a fighting chance. I really like the smell of this product and hope that it helps soothe his pads a little. 

Also Featured is Rex's favourite Purple puppy ball from Tesco which is £1, They come in all kinds of colours and are so great for keeping your dogs entertained, Warning - They Squeak !!! 

Hope you liked Rex's Loves ! 

What do your pets love ? 

Sarah and Rex 


  1. Dear Sarah and Rex
    Thanks for writing and posting this awesome blog; we will be sharing this across the McAdams social sites. It's always great to hear wonderful feedback and especially so since our food has made a positive difference to Rex's life and health!
    Many thanks for your support and patronage.
    All the best to you and gorgeous Rex
    Clare and the team at McAdams

    1. Your more than Welcome Clare, It is amazing how much Rex loves the food :D xx


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