Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Changing made easier with The Wriggler*

As you can see Ethan was so excited when this little guy turned up to help this mum get nappy changes sorted! Ethan sure is a wriggler when it comes to getting his nappy changed. He is like to different babies when the nappy and wipes come out. Sometimes he will lay happily and then other he is screaming and crawling off the mat before you have had time to put the fresh one on.

I was very excited to give this a try and it is so easy to use and can be used from newborn stage right up to the potty training stage. I love how soft the material was when I laid Ethan on top and put his arms in the huggable teddy and then velcro them shut and the hand then go to the side to make a foot rest for the mums and dads to kneel on while changing.

James and Aileen the founders of The Wriggler have really thought about the parents to when planning this new venture and the detail really doesn't go a miss. The material used is BPA and phthalate free and have been tested to a very high standard in the US and Europe to ensure even the sensitive of skins will be happy laying on this super soft changing mat.

All the material is wipeable and can be used as a normal changing mat without the huggable arms with one easy movement. 
It also folds up to the perfect size to fit in youre changing bag of choice. 

All in all I think this is such a great idea for babies who move around while being changed and it would be  great for those moments in public changing rooms to for hygiene and safety.

If you head over to The Wriggler website you can get 31% off your very own The Wriggler for the next 3 days, that £13 .95 GBP

Disclosure* I received these Items as part of a collaboration all opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Autumn is Awesome with LittleLife*

Autumn is Awesome with LittleLife*

Getting out and about is something I have been doing since Ethan was born even if it is just a short walk to get Rex out or a longer woodland walk to dust the cobwebs off. I love being outside and taking the beautiful tones that all the difference season throw at us. I love Autumn and am so glad Ethan was an Autumnal baby because it really is a stunning time of year.

We were kindly sent this Backpack by Littlelifeuk as part of their Autumn is Awesome campaign. I choose the Buzzlight year one and think it really is the perfect fit for Ethan. The backpack is very easy to put on and just goes over the shoulders like a normal backpack but then you have a chest buckle which keeps it from falling off your little ones when they are walking. I love the cute detail of the wings and the colours are so bright and eye-catching and I know this will bring a lot of fun on future walks the more confident Ethan gets.

Ethan loves taking Rex out and he was so happy to be by his side rather than in the buggy so I think this way of getting around will be a real treat for him the more he starts to walk and gain confidence.

There is a strap which connects to the top of the backpack and has a handle for the grown to hold to ensure your little ones are safely walking with you and the older they get they can just wear the backpack to put their little snacks or a few toys in.

My little Buzzlightyear loved wearing his backpack and you can get one for your little ones to by heading over to LittleLife.com  they have some really cute designs and the Buzzlightyear one is currently on offer but out of stock due to being so popular.

Disclosure* I received these Items as part of a collaboration all opinions are my own. 

Monday, 22 October 2018

Golden Embers Autumn Bouquet* Bunches

Golden Embers 

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year with the crisp leaves and gorgeous warm tones. I love fresh flowers and when bunches  laughed their gorgeous autumn collection I just had to see what they where like and I wasn't disappointed.

Bunches stunning bouquets come loving packages and arrive fresh and all the lollies were closed and ready to open for me which made the bought last so much longer. The berries are a lovely touch and add a nice warmth to the arrangement.  I love the mix of yellows and red and a few subtle green tones just to keep things fresh.

Once the lollies had bloomed they opened up to reveal the most stunning red and orange detail which I hadn't seen in many I had bought before.

"A beautiful seasonal mixture of Asiatic Lilies, Germini and Chrysanthemums in golden orange shades."

Bunches offer Free Uk delivery and 7 days freshness guarantee.

Once you are signed up to Bunches.co.uk you can also collect points which come off your next bunch which I think is great if you are an avid flower lover. 

Perfect for any occasion and just brightens up any living space. 


Disclosure* I received these Items as part of a collaboration all opinions are my own. 

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Kit&Kin Eco Nappies and Wipes*

Kit&Kin Eco Nappies and Accessories

Recently we were kindly gifted these super fun and cute KIT&KIN nappies and wipes to try out. For those that did not know this is Emma Buntons range of nappies, wipes and skincare and I have to say I am really impressed with the quality and durability of both.

Firstly lets just address this really cute print which is on the back of the nappy. Kit&Kin do other designs such as panda and tiger and a few more. I feel these nappies are the perfect fit and we have had no leaks which is a great bonus. Ethan did not have a reaction when we switched to these which is due to natural materials and less chemical used in these nappies and wipes. The material's used are plant based and this means they are biodegradable which is perfect for the environment. They offer up to 12 hours and have a super comfortable cuff around the leg to prevent leaks. 

The wipes are nice and thick and have a slight texture which is great for wiping delicate bums and intimate areas, they are also moist enough but not soaking wet which is great when changing nappies and means you do not need half the pack for one nappy change. 

Kit&Kin do useful bundles of nappies and wipes and they also offer a trial service and a subscription service which is really handy and you know you will always have nappies coming. These Nappies and Accessories are also cruelty free and when purchased you are helping support a number of animals against testing and a lifetime of cruelty. 

I feel these are the perfect nappies if you have a love for the environment and want to keep your babies skin protected. I feel the price is a little steep compared to what we currently use but feel they are a nice brand if budget isn't an issue. 

The nappies came in a pack of 30 and the size is spot on for Ethan I love the cute packaging and attention to detail. The wipes are packs of 60 and are hypoallergenic and 100 Biodegradable with no chemicals or chlorine. The Bubble bath is such a gorgeous fragrance of mango,plum and strawberry. This bubble bath is also approved and certified by the soil association and is made without harsh chemicals. I love trying new products that will help keep Ethan squeaky clean. 

Disclosure* I received these Items as part of a collaboration all opinions are my own. 

Friday, 14 September 2018

Bunches Natasha Orchids LetterBox Flowers*

A few weeks back on the run up to Ethan's first birthday I was kindly sent these Gorgeous Natasha letterbox flowers which are just the most stunning pink Orchids. 

The Orchids smelt amazing once I had opened the box and got them in water they looked so beautiful and really brightened up the room. 

Bunches know how to do flowers and they didn't disappoint. I received these lovely flowers along with some goodies for Ethan for his birthday which he was delighted with. I find letterbox flowers such a lovely idea and a great gift if you want to surprise a loved one or even wanted that little pick me up for yourself each month.

Bunches present their letterbox flowers by laying each stem with a water bulb to keep them hydrated, they are placed on luxury wrap to ensure they are protected and then placed in a letterbox shaped box and they are then posted through your door. 

I love the selection of letterbox flowers they offer as there is something everyone will love to receive. 

You can also earn posy point which our worth money off your next order so to me that is a sure win. 

Head over to the Bunches website and have a look at the gorgeous arrangements they have for yourself or a loved one. 


Disclosure* I received these Items as part of a collaboration all opinions are my own. 

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Vital Breakfast with Vitalbaby*

Vital Breakfast - Vitalbaby Weaning*

Breakfast time in our house has become a time where we sit down as a family together and share what we have been up to that day. Ethan is a little young to understand at this stage but it is nice to have him sitting with us at meal times. We were recently sent some Vitalbaby weaning goodies to road test and I am impressed with how they performed.

Ethan enjoys having his berries in a bowl and will tend to pour the whole lot on himself or the tray but I'm sure he will get the idea soon enough.

We were kindly gifted this colourful weaning selection and have loved putting them to the test of a weaning baby. I love the weaning starter kit with useful storage bowls and a handy travel sized bowl and spoon set and travel beaker.

The set of 5 soft colourful spoons are great for introducing your baby to solids and helping them adjust to the grip control. They are small in size which is perfect for little hands and they get just the right amount on the end of the spoon for little mouths.

We haven't used the trap a snack pot yet as Ethan is more interested in putting his snacks on the floor and doest understand putting his hand in the trap snack pot just yet. I think this will be great when he is a little older and we are out for an adventure and need to keep him occupied with food without the added mess.

The unbeliveable bowl has been a great addition to our weaning journey as it has a suction attachment that clicks on to the highchair or feeding surface and keeps the bowl in place. 

Unfortunately the suction isn't strong enough on our highchair and Ethan has managed to pull the bowl and suction base off each time I have gone to use it. I will try it out on other surfaces as he gets older and report back. 

Ethan has enjoyed exploring the sappy cup that is included in the weaning starter pack and has started wanting to hold it himself and work out how the water comes out. 
The size is great for him to hold himself and it has grip pads to help it not slip out of his hands. 

I think these are great products for mums and dads starting out with they're weaning journey and I have found Ethan has enjoyed using and playing with these fun and colourful feeding tools. 

Disclosure* I received these products as part of a collaboration all opinions of the brand are my own. 

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Carrying connects with ErgoBaby Omni 360 CoolAir Mesh Carrier*

ErgoBaby Omni 360 CoolAir mesh carrier - Oxford Blue 

Ethan and I were kindly sent this amazing ErgoBaby Omni 360 Cool air mesh carrier in Oxford Blue for our recent adventure to my mums. Ethan had never been on a plane before so I was very excited and a little nervous but thanks to this carrier the journey and our time their was fun and much easier. 

Ethan was really happy to be in the carrier and I have worn him since he was newborn so he is used to being carried for dog walks and walks around our hometown but he never had the option to face outwards in the other carrier I used. This Omni 360 Cool air mesh gives four different caring options and can be worn from birth to 48 months another extremely useful feature is it can be washed in your washing machine for easy cleaning too. 

I decided to choose the Cool Air mesh 360 because I felt it would give me the most out of the carrier in terms of ways of wearing and the breathable fabric prevents mum and baby getting to hot when in use. I found this very useful as other carriers in the past had made my stomach and baby get sweaty which isn't practical when wearing for a while. 

The Omni 360 cool air mesh carrier is also great if you are breastfeeding, which I am, as you can feed while baby is in the carrier if they get restless.

The carrier was very helpful around the airport while waiting for our flight as I didn't need to worry about a stroller to push. I love that I can be hands free and know that Ethan is safe and with me all the time. This was handy with security and getting on and off the plane so my hands were free to hand over documents and passports. 

While at my mums we went on a steam train adventure and my mum loved wearing Ethan and said how comfortable the carrier was even with her bad back. The lower back support is in just the right place to support your back while carrying the baby. The shoulder straps can also be crossed over to add extra comfort and support if needed. 

When your baby's in the carrier it is important for their heads to be under your chin and so you can kiss their head comfortably. 

The front of the carrier has two sliders which allow you to change how you wear your baby. If the sliders are down like this then baby is to be worn facing out and then if you want to wear baby facing inwards or on your back then the sliders need to be pushed up to form a seat to hold your baby. You can also wear the Omni 360 cool air mesh on the side to which is another feature.

There is a safety loop for the clip to go through when clipping the waist belt in place to help with safety. The strap is clipped together for shoulder support and then the two side straps are pulled to tighten the carrier in to place.

 On the front there is a zip pouch with has a factor 50+ sunshade which can be clipped to the poppers on the shoulder pads to help protect your baby when on your back or frontward facing. 
Also worth knowing, you can only wear your baby forward facing from 5 months onwards.

Inside the front of the carrier there is an extra cushion which can be folded out when wearing baby like this or forward facing and clips on to the black buttons at the side. The cool air mesh really helped on this cooler day when Ethan and my sister were wearing a few more layers. They both stayed at a comfortable temperature while at the wild life park and clearly enjoyed each others company.

The Omni 360 Cool air mesh carrier also comes with this handy pouch that velcro to the lap belt under where the baby is seated. I found I could not access the stuff inside with Ethan was outward facing so found it easier carrying the pouch separate. It was handy for flight documents and passport and my phone for easy use. There is also a front pocket you can slip things in to but I liked the zip compartment for keeping things safe. 

Disclosure* I received this product as part of a collaboration all opinions of the brand are my own. 

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Bosom Buddies Breast feeding Oils - Natural Birthing Company *

Bosom Buddies - BreastFeeding Oils*

The Natural Birthing Company 

Breasting feeding was something myself and Andy were very passionate about when our baby came along. I have to admit it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be at the beginning but it soon became easier and brings such a lovely bond between Ethan and I. Although I have been feeding Ethan now for 8 months and the pain and toe curling moments are behind use I still find my breast get engorged now Ethan is on my solids and slowly dropping his milk feeds in the day sometimes. 

I was kindly gifted some Breast feeding oils by the lovely Natural Birthing Company which is developed by midwives. These oils have been so soothing on my breast before and after feeding and I only wish I had known about them when I have just had Ethan and my breast were at their worst. 

This little box contains 3 little bottles of oils each having its own role to play in making your breast feel more comfortable before and after feeding your babies. They are Vegan friendly and awarded Best Baby and Gear of the month in 2016. 

These would make a lovely gift for a new breast feeding mum added to a mummy box or just a little gift to help ease those first uncomfortable moments. 

I love how I can pop these in my changing bag due to the size of the bottles and know that they are on hand if I need them. 

Inside the box


This Oil is for the use on full and heavy breast and smells so relaxing and calming when you first open the bottle. Using this oil you add 2-3 drops to a bowl of warm or cold water and soak a flannel and apply to breast for 30 minutes. You are advised to wash the breast before feeding your baby and that no oil is present while feeding. This is lovely and soothing on full breast as it can be uncomfortable when the ducts get blocked. I have enjoyed using this on my recent trip to Paris where I left Ethan with Grandparents for the weekend and my breast got full very quickly due to him not feeding. 

The relaxing smell of Peppermint and Geranium mixed with Cypress and German Chamomile really help take you to a place of calm. 



This Oil is for breast feeding support and is applied the same way to the breast with a flannel after being soaked in warm or cold water. This can also be applied to the breast for 30 minutes and removed before feeding. Bringing your milk supply up is all done by feeding your baby on demand and this helps the body produce more milk for your babies needs. The lovely mix of Fennel,Lemon grass and Mandarin will help to boost your breast supply. I have been lucky enough now that Ethan is 8 months for my supply to be at a good stage but in the early days I would find myself worrying that he wasn't getting enough and this product would have been great for those early days. 


Ouch is an Oil used for sore nipples which is something I had from day one with Ethan and to the point that they would crack and bleed. I used nipple shields and shells to help soothe them and Lanolin creams by the bucket load. This oil has been really nice and soothing on my nipples even though Ethan has a great latch he is at that age where he is teething and has the odd moments where he will catch or bite them which then leaves them sore. This oil is a lovely blend of Lavender,Neroli,Mandarin,Frankincense and Peppermint  which really help to soothe and give my nipples the moisture they need. 

This little trio has been a lovely addition to my changing bag and have really helped soothe my breast while feeding Ethan. They are the perfect partner for a breast feeding mum. 

Disclosure* I received these Items as part of a collaboration all opinions of the brand's are my own. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

MILKIN IT - Breast Feeding Starter Kit - Mrs Rawlinson*

'MILKIN IT' Breast Feeding Starter Kit*

Since breast feeding Ethan for the last 8 months I feel I have really grown to love it after the initial pain and toe curling moments I found after the first few months it really became natural and such a lovely bond between Ethan and I. This being said I recently came across  the lovely Emma on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her gorgeous gift boxes aimed at Mum's like me who are either breast feeding or just need pick me up. Emma's boxes are carefully thought out to give mums useful products while they are breast feeding or coming in to the world of motherhood. 

I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous 'MILKIN IT' Breast feeding starter kit which I only wish I had come across sooner if I'm honest as it all looks amazing for a first time breast feeding mum. 

So whats in the box..

Firstly the packaging is lovely a natural craft box which is embossed with Mrs Rawlinson's logo and wrapped with twine. I love the fact you can use the box again as it is so durable and a nice size for stationary and small keepsakes. 

Lactation Biscuit Mix - Jessie Bakes Clean 

I am really impressed with how these Lactation cookies have turned out which are produced by Jessie Bakes Clean renowned baker and mum. Jessie has created this mix to help boost milk supply and combat the baby blues. I had heard good things about lactation cookies and I wasn't disappointed when I made and ate these. I wish I had come across this in the early days of breast feeding when my milk supply seemed a lot less than it is now. This pouch is great to have in the cupboard and also a lovely gift for friends and fellow mums to be. I am looking forward to whipping up a batch of these and the best part is no sharing they are all for me. The cookies taste so yummy and so soft in the middle. I even ate the raw mix which was so yummy with a lovely balance of coconut and chocolate. 

Mama's Milk Tea - Moon Tea Co 

Wondering if your milk supply is high enough is something I think all mum's worry about when it is hard knowing what your baby is getting each feed and with Ethan's weight dropping in the first few weeks I was pushing myself to get him up to a good healthy weight and would pump and feed all the time to ensure this. Mama's tea is full of natural ingredient's to help enrich and increase the milk supply for mums. The tea also helps with babies who suffer with colic and aids digestion. Each pouch contains enough for mums to enjoy 12 cups of tea to help bring that milk supply along. This is a product I wish I had used again in the early days when Ethan was and still is very gassy and slightly more sick than other babies his age. I feel this would make a lovely addition for a new mum to be and it benefits both mum and baby. This tea is for all lovers of green tea and herbal tea's I found it refreshing to drink in the morning and nice on the hot days we have been having lately. 

Evolve Natural Deodorant 

Now I didn't really think to much about what I put on my skin in terms of deodorant. I would just use my normal high street brand and go about my day. I would how ever use gentle tummy rubs and stretch marks creams to ensure these wouldn't harm the baby. I feel since seeing this Natural deodorant which contains coconut oil and Shea butter I wish I had done some more research in to the kind of products I was using. This Natural deodorant contains no chemicals or bad smells and is great for sensitive skin and I have to say it really does smell fresh and leave you feeling dry. I have been using this deodorant the last few days and the smell is amazing and lasts a long time. You also get no marks on clothes and your armpits feel smooth and fresh which is nice as some deodorants leave powdery residue which is unpleasant. I have enjoyed using this product and a little goes a long way so this pot should last a while. 

And lastly this super cute 'You Got This' pin which can be worn on clothes or bags and will just make a mum feel like she really can do it all. Being a new and first time mum I really had no idea what I was doing and 8 months on I'm still pretty much going day by day knowing I am still going strong through this parenting process. This pin would be a lovely addition to a baby shower card and even just a little reminder to a mum if she is having an off day just to give her that needed pick me up. 

Mrs Rawlinson's gift boxes can be selected by yourself or you can order a pre-made box for a certain occasion. The boxes are such a personal and unique way to give a mum a little gift. 

Disclosure* I received these Items as part of a collaboration all opinions of the brand's are my own

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

My First Mother's Day - The Gift Guide also save 10% off @ Bunches Flowers!

Mothers Day Gift Guide 

This is my first Mother's day with Ethan here as last year he was just a little bean in my tummy. I am very excited this year as not only is it my first Mother's Day but it is my 30th birthday this month too. This being said I wanted to do a special gift guide for those Mums to be or, new Mums out there as we all deserve some pampering right? I mean being a Mum is a pretty special job and sometimes we just need reminding how amazing we really are at taking care of these little humans and everything else we get done along the way. 

Motherly Love Limited Edition Box - Gerrard and Grace 

First up is this amazing Motherly Love Box which is just the perfect gift for a Mum or, Mum to be and they also offer other wonderful boxes for the dads, for new babies and also a breastfeeding box which is just a fantastic idea! The lovely Abi and Brad creators of the boxes kindly sent me this one for my first Mother's day with Ethan and i'm blown away by what is inside;

Firstly, lets talk about the lovely packaging with a cute gift tag and ribbon which you can keep and reuse if you wish. Once opened there was two letters one from Abi and Brad and another explaining how each product has been chosen with a love and care and how you use each item. A lovely letter explaining how each product is used and a little discretion about them. 

What's inside the Box - 

Everything in this box is just what a Mum and Mum to be would love to receive as it contains something sweet and something to pamper and something practical which is just what every mum needs right. 

Stay Hydrated - Hydration Bottle 

Being a breastfeeding mum I know how important it is to stay hydrated and I must admit I fail at this sometimes but with this Hydration Bottle By Beau and Elliot I will be making sure this is a feature in my changing bag. This 500ml bottle has a cute love heart design and a handy carry strap to. This great Hydration bottle is also spill proof which if you are a clumsy mummy like me will come in handy. This would also make a great bottle for mums to be in their hospital bag. 

Pamper in style - Spacemask

 I had heard some good things from new mums about the Spacemask and a lovely friend bought me one for Christmas which I had been saving for a mummy free afternoon so I am very excited to receive another one. This mask is pure luxury and once placed over the eyes the gentle heat helps relive tired eyes which lasts for 15 minutes which is just perfect for those sleepless nights. The mask is lightly fragranced with relaxing jasmine to take you out of this world. 

Getting Hands On -  Soothe-Me sensitive hand cream 

Next up is this lovely pot of Lavender, Geranium and Patchouli sensitive hand cream not only is it Organic but it has won awards to! The smell is incredible and is super thick and luxurious for dry and sensitive hands. I have found since having Ethan my hands are so dry from washing them after nappy changes - this cold and recently snowy weather hasn't done them any favours. This cream has come at the right time and will make a great nappy bag essential. With Shea Butter and Almond oil it is great for healing cracked hands. The concentrated formula means a little goes a long way which means you will get to enjoy it for a long time. To get your hands on this lovely pot you can get it from Soothe-Me and it is produced in the East London made by hand. 

Mums the Word - Base Balm Pinwheel Balms 

If like me you can never have too many lip balms and this Base Balm from Pinwheel Balms is fragrance, colour free and handmade. This fragrance free balm is great for even the sensitive of lips so can be shared with the little people in your life also. The Balm contains Avocado oil and some other lovely oils to help keep lips hydrated for hours. This is another great addition to the nappy or hospital bag. 

Sweet Treat - Rococo Bee Bar - Award winning,luxury 40% Organic Cocoa Milk Chocolate from Rococo Chocolates

This little treat has been put in the Motherly Love boxes to give mums that extra little treat this Mother's Day from the devious brand  Rococo Bee Bar in Milk chocolate. I love chocolate and during my pregnancy I had Gestational diabetes which went away after having Ethan so I have been indulging in the odd bar or 10 since having him. I am really looking forward to trying this like bar of chocolate if Andy doesn't get there first that is! They have some amazing flavours and just look at the packaging! 

For an extra added treat you can add a luxury Cotton Scarf to your box and you can also request an extra Spacemask which both come as added extras. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for Mum's this Mother's Day or a little gift to a loved one then head over and choose your box now GearrardandGrace

Enchantment Luxury Mother's Day Bouquet - Bunches.co.uk 

I have really enjoyed treating myself to some fresh flowers while being at home with Ethan. I find fresh flowers really freshen up a room and make it feel really inviting. I was very kindly sent this gorgeous Luxury Mother's Day Enchantment bouquet from the lovely Debs at Bunches.co.uk and I am over the moon with them.Lets talk about this gorgeous bouquet of stunning Lavender roses and Pink tulip - my favourites of all time! Along with delicate White freesias and Pink wax flowers. The Bouquet is so pretty and pleasing to the eye and you won't be disappointed. This is just one of the beautiful Mother's Day bouquets you can choose from. This Bouquet can be purchased for £37.99 and the earliest delivery date is Wednesday the 7th of March. 

When I had Ethan we had some lovely bunches of flowers sent to us with congratulations and I ran out of vases to put them in. I find giving and getting flowers is a lovely way of letting someone know you are thinking of them and Bunches have got some beautiful bouquets put together and you can even add a special extra gift or give a Mother's Day plant instead if you wish. They also offer the most amazing hampers which look fantastic and would really make Mum's and Mum's to be feel appreciated this Mother's Day. 

Bunches also do a great customer loyalty scheme which is called Posy Points which is just amazing as you get 10 posts points for every £1 you spend and these points add up to money off your next purchase. 

The lovely Debs over at Bunches has given everyone who reads my blog a lovely promo code for you to use when ordering a lovely bunch (for any occasion) which gives you 10% off any beautiful bouquet - the code expires on the 31st of March and is REXG10. 

Wax and Wicks is a local handmade candle company close to my home town and they smell incredible. They also make wax melts and reed diffusers which I am yet to try. The range is all made on site and they can deliver also. Wax and Wick also put together little hampers with extra treats with your desired fragrance and they can also make the label personal which I think is just the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Fragrances range from citrus to floral to sweet and musky so there is something for everyone. Sadly we are too late for the Mother's Day rush but they do have an exciting Easter range coming out and you can order for any other occasion to so make sure you check them out. I really love the personal touch Wax and Wicks brings so had to include them anyway. 

The Lovely Katy from The Oil Hut sent over this gorgeous Essential Sleep gift set which couldn't of come at a better time with a baby which has minimal sleep I need all the relaxation I can get. This luxury gift set is perfect for the lovely Mother's and Mothers to be. I think this will make the perfect relaxation gift for mums with the Luxury Pillow Mist which is infused with Rose and Lavender for a super dreamy nights sleep. I love a pillow mist and am very excited to try this out when Ethan is tucked up in bed. I find they really help me drift off to the land of nod with my trusty eye mask I am ready for relaxation which I am hoping will come back to me in a few years after the night feeds are over.

The gorgeous Quiet Night soothing baby oil is just what we need at the moment with Ethan not settling as well as we would have liked. I love lavender products and this doesn't disappoint with a gorgeous mix of Roman Chamomile and Rose and of course the Lavender is in there to just give you the ultimate in relaxation. I am looking forward to using this with baby massage and adding a little to his bath to help him relax in the evenings, I may even pinch a little for myself. I am very excited to try these out for Mother's Day and think they would make the perfect present. 

What are you getting your Mum this Mother's Day?
I hope this gift guide has given you some thought.

Disclosure* I received these Items as part of a collaboration all opinions of the brand's are my own. 
Products sent to me for review purposes will be marked with a (*) next to the picture. I will review these items with 100% honesty. Sarah x Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...