Monday, 19 February 2018

My go to changing bag Skip*Hop Duo Special Edition Changing Bag

Skip*Hop Changing Bag

Shopping for a changing bag when I was pregnant was something I was very excited about. I really loved using all the changing bags when I nannied as my families all had such great taste when it came to changing bags. I had a few brands in mind such as PacaPod and Belle Beau but I just wasn't sure what I really wanted.

When Andy and I were shopping when over in the Isle of Man for my mums wedding we went in to TKMax because I love their baby section and we came across this Skip*Hop changing bag which I really liked and went back for in the end due to not being able to stop thinking about it. We had a look at the compartments and I loved the fact it had a big strap and small leather handles which matched our pram. I also really loved the fact it had buggy straps which you can clip on to the handle to take the weight off of the bigger strap, This is very handy so that the bag doesn't keep slipping down while you walk. 

The bag itself is very spacious and has plenty of pockets with two on the front which I tend to keep my muslin's and anti-bac hand gel and my feeding blanket. Also on the front is a zip compartment which I keep all the smaller items such as nappy cream and dummies that way I'm not looking at the bottom of the bag for them in a hurry.

Next is the main compartment which has so much room for spare change of clothes and a few toys to keep Ethan entertained when we are out and about. There are two pockets which I store wipes and nappy bags in one and nappies in the other. I really like the layout of this bag because I know where everything is without taking everything out to get to things I need.

On each side of the bag there are two bottle pockets also which are very handy for extra storage as I am breast feeding at the moment I haven't used these but they will come in handy for snacks and soppy cups when the time comes. 

The back of the bag has a big deep pocket which I keep the changing matt and a small pouch with extra nappies in i find this useful because it gives more space in the main compartment. 

I really love the Blue Strip print of the bag and the soft brown leather tan handles really set it off. It is really well made and I will continue to get plenty of use out of it. I love the thought that has gone in to the space and storage of the bag making it lightweight even when full to the brim with baby must haves. 

This is not a collaboration I purchased this changing bag myself. Thoughts are also my own. 

What is your favourite changing bag ? 
Sarah x

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Getting the Pregnancy Glow - PostPartum Mummy Skincare

PostPartum Skincare 

Skin care is something I have always had a love/hate relationship with and I have always found it hard to find the right balance when it comes to products for my skin type. My skin seems to be more dehydrated which is something I learnt when I worked for a skincare company years ago I always thought it was either Oily or Dry. For Christmas and Birthdays I love to ask for Origins skincare because I know it is something I wouldn't normally buy myself because there is always something else to pay for and I find it nice receiving these products as gifts because it is stuff I know I will use.

Since having Ethan my skin started looking dull and felt very dehydrated I lost my pregnancy glow and needed products that would help give my skin life again. I love Origins for this because the range is so versatile and unique to each person because all the products are tailored to each need.

First up are a couple of sample sizes that I got in a Christmas gift set which I had never used before and have become favourite of mine and I have since asked for them for my Birthday.

Ginseng Refreshing Scrub Cleanser is the first one. I love the Ginzing range all together and this does not disappoint one bit. The scrub has small gentle gradually which you work in to the skin and massage all over the face and neck then rinse off with warm water. I love how refreshed my skin feels after using this and it is great for removing dead skin cells and make up build up.

Next up is another sample size of the gorgeous smelling Modern Friction Cleansing oil with a radiance booster. I love the smell of this oil the Rose really does hit your senses and it is great for removing mascara. I love using this after the shower to help get rid of my panda eyes and a little goes a long way. I was unsure about oils but this feels amazing on the skin and ill say it again smells amazing.

Now a couple of products I have used before are the Ginzing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturiser and the Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream. These products are the best combination for me and really help hydrate my skin and help my tired sleep deprived eyes wake up in the mornings.
I prefer the Gel Moisturisers instead of the cream as I find creams to rich and greasy for my skin type. The gel really skins in and helps lock in the moisture which I find a nice base for my make up and no dry patches.

The Eye cream is a lovely pearl colour and really gives the eye area hydration and helps with dark circles which is something I am in need of at this moment in time. This is just a sample size but the larger pot is on the Birthday list. A little does go a long way with this product though and I find it gives a nice refreshed look to the under eye area and isn't greasy on the skin.

Now a new product that I hadn't used before was this Original Skin Renewal serum which sounded right up my street after having a baby and wanting to get my glow back. This came in a gift set and feels lovely on the skin. Again it has a pearl tint to it and I think this really gives the skin a nice natural healthy glow. This can be used morning and night before your day creams.

Now on to sleep ! Well, lack of unless Ethan is in our bed !

I love ThisWorks deep sleep pillow spray and Andy has also become a lover of it to. I find the lavender really helps relax me and gets me to drift off peacefully. Now that was before having a baby and doing night feeds. I do however feel it does set me up for a relaxing bedtime even if it is just for a few hours. I am also keen to try the baby range for Ethan once he hits 6 months old and see if it has the same effects on him.

What are your Mummy must haves to get that glow back ? 


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Life with Ethan and Rex

Rex and Ethan 

Back in January last year when we found out we were going to be parents life with just Rex seemed perfect. Fast Forward to August and this little bundle came in to our lives in the form of Ethan weighing a gorgeous 7lb 14oz and having the most gorgeous dark hair. Rex really took to me being pregnant and we were convinced he knew before we did as his behaviour changed towards me and he became more cuddly and would lay on my tummy all the time. As my bump grew Rex would lick my bump which of curse I'm sure some of you will find disgusting but for me it was a way of him communicating with the baby before it was here. I wanted Rex to know the baby wasn't a threat to him but someone who he could protect and play with as they got older.

Rex really has been the best companion for all of us and has taken Ethan coming in to the world in his stride most days. Some days you can see he just wants that little more attention and those days I do try to play with him when Ethan naps or do tricks with him to keep him entertained. I have also made sure we go for our walks like we use to as Rex does need his exercise and it is nice for Ethan and I to get some fresh air and dust off the cobwebs.

We try and keep Rex's routine the same since Ethan was born by still giving his meal times the same as best we can if we have had a rough night breakfast may come a little later than normal but he seems to be happy with that. Walks and play time to be kept the same if not more so he still feels he has his place in out family unit.

Rex has also been great for me if we are having a rough day and Ethan isn't in a great mood just getting out with Rex really helps pick up the mood and often sends Ethan to sleep which is great. Rex also loves nap times art home because he gets me to himself and the cuddles he use to have alone he enjoys. Rex will also snuggle with Ethan and I when I'm feeding and trying to get him to sleep he is a really big comfort.

I am very excited to see them grow up together and for them to be firm friends. Rex loves to give Ethan kisses and bring him his toys and he is learning that Ethan has his toys which he can't have which at times he does struggle with but he is getting there.

How did your pets adapt with a new baby ? 

Sarah, Ethan and Rex xx

Monday, 8 January 2018

My Breast Feeding Journey

Breast Feeding 

Breast feeding to me seemed like something that would just come naturally when I was pregnant. I didn't think much of it and thought it would just be one of those things that just happened once i had the baby, Well how wrong was I.
Before I had Ethan I had Gestational Diabetes which I had to check my blood sugars for and then a few weeks leading up to the birth I had to collect the colostrum in syringes to ensure my baby had the best start and to ensure he had milk right away if I didn't have any as they like to do this with babies of Gestational Diabetes.
So I began collecting my milk every evening and then stored it in the freezer ready for when I would go in to labour. This was all fine and after Ethan was born the midwife asked if I was breast feeding and I said yes and Ethan soon latched on and started feeding right away which felt fine at the time.

After the first night of trying it seemed that Ethan wasn't getting much from me as my milk hadn't come in yet so the midwife got me bottles of my collected milk which I then gave to him with their support. After this milk had been used up I then asked them to offer Ethan some Formula which he did bring up a lot of it at first. While in the hospital they found that Ethan was born with a Tongue tie which was causing him problems to feed from me so with amazing support we got this corrected and I also used a pump while in hospital to help get my milk to come in. Also I have Inverted nipples which was also hard mixed with the tongue but he managed to sort this problem out ( as the midwife said he has a good strong suck), which worked in my favour.

Once we got home my milk came in and I was able to latch Ethan on myself but this was becoming very painful and I just felt really sore feeding him to the point it would make my eyes water and toes curl up. I just wanted to dig my feet in the carpet and bite a pillow. This being said with the help of Nipple shields and Shells the feeding process become much more comfortable and easy to handle. After a month or so I no longer needed anything to help and it all feels comfortable and very natural now.

Feeding in public became a second nature to me and I always over up with a feeding blanket when I am around loved ones or in public. I feel proud we have been able to do this for as long as we have and will continue as much as I can. I have been pumping also which has helped with milk flow and the pump I have found great to use is the Madela Swing single pump. We got the kit after Ethan was born and it has been great for having top up's and getting milk in the freezer for when I have a night away from him or others want to feed him to. Ethan will happily take a bottle which is great to have the option if we need to.

It was a rocky journey and with healing as well from the birth and the hormones running through your body and sleep deprivation nothing can prepare you for any of it.

Hope you enjoyed the read. 



Sunday, 17 December 2017

Four Months With Ethan


Well it has been a crazy 4 months welcoming our little bundle Ethan in to the world. Nothing can prepare you for a newborn baby and I don't think anything will. They are lovable whirlwinds that take over your whole life. They need you 24/7 and that can take its toll some days when you have lack of sleep on your side. 

The last 4 months Ethan has changed so much and I have learnt so much about being a parent. You never get to drink a hot cup of tea again unless you are very lucky and your baby loves sleep, Which Ethan most of the time does not! 
Getting ready takes most of the morning and getting out of the house is like a military operation of have we got everything! Even just to walk Rex ! 
Washing is your new full time job and the house becomes your hub and you want it to look nice everyday which lets face it doesn't always happen with Rex toys and now Ethan's baby essentials. Our living room now resembles mother care ! 

Other things Ive learnt about having Ethan is that I love him more than I ever thought possible. He makes me smile everyday and I love the way he looks at me. The bound we share every day is just amazing and I can't wait to see what little chap he is going to be. 

Having a baby has defiantly been a challenge from the day he was born we have overcome a tongue tie and forceps delivery. Breast feeding journey has been a rocky one but we have come out the other side with great results which I am very pleased I stuck at. 
Sleepless nights and not knowing wears wrong with them and changing routines to see what makes a difference and what doesn't. Babies are very complicated creatures I have become to notice. Nothing seems to stick with them, They like things then they don't. 

Even though there has been tough times I feel the good times out way the bad and am so grateful everyday to have got my boy and to spend my days with Ethan and Rex. I am very excited for Ethan's first Christmas with us it is going to be amazing. 

Heres to the Next 4 months! 

Just a few photos from the last 4 months 

My Gorgeous Family! 

Have a Wonderful Christmas 

Love us all xxx

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Baby Boom Pamper Post / AromaWorks London*

AromaWorks London*
The lovely people at AromaWorks London sent over some of their gorgeous body care bits to try now that I have had my first baby. It is always nice to be pampered and AromaWorks get it right every time. I have used the skincare and candles from the company also and haven't been disappointed with any of the products. They all smell incredible with their relaxing aromas.

I was lucky enough to receive a tub of the Luxurious BioActive Nourish Formula Body Finish Cream. This body cream is designed for all skin types and is great for relaxing and calming the skin. It is also great if you have dry skin as it helps to hydrate the body so perfect for after a shower or bath. The tub is a lovely size and could be reused after as it is made of glass and could house a candle or some trinkets if you wanted to make use of it after. I have a feeling this is going last me a long time as you only need a small amount.

I am a really big fan of AromaWorks even down to the packaging they seem to just it elegance with a splash of colour which I think is a nice touch. A good pamper is sure needed when you are pregnant because you do feel very different within yourself. My body has been through some changes in this pregnancy from sickness which is still happening now and back ache which isn't present as much now which is good. Feeling tired and pretty useless some of the time is also how I have been feeling so it is nice to have products which smell amazing to uplift your mood. All of the products on the website are suitable when pregnant which is lovely and the oils would be amazing to help with stretch marks or a little bump massage.

I love the aroma of Camomile and Neroli with hints of Lavender and citrus Bergamot. I love how all of these fragrances complement each other and make you instantly feel relaxed.

I am very excited to try the Nurture Bath AromaBomb once the baby has arrived and I can have some me time fingers crossed. These bath bombs are made to clam and de stress which will be what I need after tackling my first few weeks of motherhood. May Chang and Sandalwood feel the air once the box is opened and of course it is Pink! They have a lovely selection bath bombs I like this one as it has Lavender which is one of my favourite scents and really helps me relax. 

Now that Ethan is here and I am getting in to more of a routine for the both of us I think it will be nice to set aside an evening of pamper so I can indulged in these lovely products. Thank you to AromaWorks London for being so patient with me while I settle in to motherhood. 

Ethan Gerald was born 23/08/2017 at 2:38am 

If you would like to purchase any of the amazing AromaWorks London products they would make great gifts for loved ones. 

Hope you enjoy this post 


Disclosure* I received this package in exchange for a blog review all opinions of the brand are my own. 

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Then There Were 4 / The Baby Boom

Well,... I haven't really touched on this much over at RexandGinger but we are welcoming a little bundle in to our lives this August. Rex will have a little Boy or Girl baby to keep an watch over in the coming month.
We are now in the third trimester which seems insane. Only feels like yesterday we were telling people and now my bumps growing and growing at a nice rate. We have got a few little bits for the baby and we did not find out what we are having. We wanted our first to be a surprise which will be nice for us a family.

I wanted to right a little post to look back on some photos and some things I have been loving while being pregnant as it was a new experience for me and it would be nice to have a read and look back on once the baby is here and I know longer feel the kicking or punching they are doing in my stomach at this moment in time.

A few things I wont miss about pregnancy is the sickness and constant needing a wee.These two things will be my first things to kiss goodbye to. Also the bigger my bumps gets my back has a little more pain and sleeping is hard to find the right position but it will all be worth it in the end.

Food has had a love/hate relationship with me from day one as I couldn't keep much down before running upstairs.My pallet has gone from very plain foods to moe flavour which is nice as I had missed that taste. Chocolate was the one thing I fancied least and I fancied more crisps and savoury foods. Tea was a big no for a long time and I still only have the odd one or two now as it still doesn't sit right. Milk has been my biggest downfall I can easily guzzle a 6 pint straight from the fridge and want more.

Rex has been very affectionate around me even from day one he some how knew something was going on even before I did which sounds weird but I think they can sense these things. He was and still is more snuggly with me and always lays on my bump which I find cute as he is keeping me and the baby nice and snug. I think he will handle the change well and we intend to keep him involved as much as possible when the baby arrives.

I am looking forward to dressing the Nursery and putting all the babies clothes on the washing line for the first time. We have been given some of the cutest gift and I am so grateful for that already. I have also been buying some of my favourite books which I have seen children Ive nannied for over the last 8 years read and I wanted my baby to have those as well as classic I had when I was younger.

Rex is very excited also and I think he is going to be just fantastic.

Rex, Ginger and Baby Bump

Sunday, 23 April 2017

McAdams Premium Dog Food Review Salmon and Chicken New Flavour*

McAdams is a brand we have used with Rex since we got him from a pup. We moved over from the food he came to use on and made the switch to McAdams after some research it proved very good quality and would enhance Rex's way of life. Rex will always finish his Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner even lucky the bowl clean after.

When McAdams said they were bringing out a new flavour I knew Rex would be keen to try it and they kindly sent us over a bag to give ago. Of course Rex being Rex he could not wait to get in the bag and start eating the new flavour with added Salmon.

I haven't really given Rex a lot of fish so wasn't sure what he would think but he loved it and wanted more so I know meal times will always be a winner with McAdams with either Flavour. The new range is simply the same ingredient as the Chicken biscuits this time adding carefully sourced Scottish Salmon  which will add to a healthy coat and skin for your pups. There is no meat meal added to these biscuits just like the chicken ones they are made using fresh British chickens and whole salon fillets along with Sweet potato and Green lipped mussels. These are all great for animals who need added hint care to as the ingredients help support stronger development and help support maturer dogs to.

This is a very good and high quality dog food brand who we would continue to use as long as Rex enjoyed eating it which he does. I love all the benefits to his Coat and Teeth and he always has a healthy digestive system which is good.

Rex wouldn't be without his McAdams Dry dog Biscuits he loves them. 


Disclosure* I received this bag of pet food in exchange for a blog review all opinions of the brand are my own. 

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Mochaccino Coffee Scrub - Supporting Breast Cancer*

Life has thrown a few things at me the last few months and receiving this lovely package in the post really helped brighten my spirits. The lovelies over at Cambridge Coffee Scrub kindly sent me this gorgeous smelling body scrub to try out and I am really impressed with the outcome.

I do love a good pamper as much as the next person and the smell of this scrub is just all sorts of yummy. If you love Coffee and Chocolate then this is the perfect scrub for you. I used this the other evening in the shower after my body wash and it left my skin super soft and the smell of my bathroom was so awakening. There is a mixture of Coconut oil and vitamin e oil which helps the skin stay hydrated.

So what is in this little jar of loveliness, the scrub is made form ground used coffee from Cambridge which is given a second chance at life. With some added chocolate the smell is just the perfect balance. The scrub is sent in a lovely glass jar which can be reused and to reduce package waste. I love these jars so it will come in very handy after all the scrub has gone.

Now I haven't shared this before on social media but I found a lump in my best late last year and it tuned out to be benign and was nothing to cause concern after the biopsy. This being said it is so important to check your breast as I didn't before finding the lump and all sorts of things run through your head at the time.

This lovely company donate 10% of their profits every months to Breast Cancer Care and support they're amazing work in helping people fit this awful disease.

I love that the scrub is made locally to me and has a very personal touch being made in a kitchen in Cambridge with a high standard and compassion.

The scrub is a great way to Exfoliate the skin and remove any ingrown hairs and dead skin cells which are on the surface of the skin. It isn't to rough that your skin is sore after. Caffeine has amazing skin benefits such as helping against stretch marks which will come in handy now that we have found out I'm having a baby. I am very excited to see how it helps them in the process of my tummy getting bigger. It also helps against fine lines and acne which is great if this is something you suffer from.

The Scrub is available to buy from their on line shop at £14.00 per jar and is sent in a lovely box with a cute scroll on the top.
I love the overall packing and think it looks lovely in the bathroom. They would make wonderful gifts for mothers day which is coming up or a mum to be gift for a coffee loving friend.

Not only will you be supporting a local business but you will be helping donate to an amazing charity to. 
 Instagram - CambridgeCoffeeScrub

I hope you like this post. 

Disclosure* I received this package in exchange for a blog review all opinions of the brand are my own. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

TheDogTreatCompany Paw-Ever Yours treats*

This Valentines Day I was contacted by the lovely TheDogTreatCompany who have been featured here a few times. They asked if Rex would like to try out their new Valentines Treat and of course I know Rex and he loves a treat to two.

We are careful which treats we give Rex and find that these ones really go down all with him and don't upset his tummy. TheDogTreatCompany bought out this selection for the Day of Love which include all natural Liver with added Rose Hip,Tyme and Organic Coconut oil for both the heart and soul which they state. I love how the treats are presented in cute tins and packets which can be resealed and the pooches are great for snacking when we are out also great for training as the pooch can fit in your bag or pocket so no mess. The packaging is colourful, fun and eye-catching which I love and think it is a nice touch.

The biscuits themselves are crunchy which Rex likes and I think is good for his teeth also. They also have No added sugars,salts,meat meal or dairy. There is No corn or soy in the biscuits either. The smell is pleasant unlike some over powering treats. All of the treats can be found on their easy to use website and they have a lovely selection to choose from.

If you wanted to get the special dog in your life something for Valentine's Day I would recommend these.

Rex loved these so much he wanted to eat all of them in one go.

Limited to a few a day or every other day as well as his dog food morning and evening.

We hope you like the post and treat your FurFriends this Valentine's Day.

Love Rex and Ginger 

Disclosure* I received this package of pet food in exchange for a blog review all opinions of the brand are my own. 

Products sent to me for review purposes will be marked with a (*) next to the picture. I will review these items with 100% honesty. Sarah x Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...